Terms & Conditions

The name and logo SACHLIRENE and the WONDER SOLE term are registered trade
marks in nations. The site also has a number of other marks and trademarks, such as
copyright protected graphic images, photograph and other visual depictions of Company
Products. You have no rights to adopt or use any attributes or contents of this site, or
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Sachlirene understand the importance of protecting our customer's privacy. We guarantee
that we won't misuse the personal data that provided by our customers through this website
in any circumstances.

If once we send a wrong product, you can return and exchange it. Please read further
information about the return policy and return instruction terms at returns and exchanges.

Please note that the real product may have a slightly different color with the photo product
appear on your monitor. It may happen because of the different white balance or lightness
that each monitor may have.

Please note that the sparkling gold on our wonder soles will wear off along with the use of the shoes. To keep the shoes on the good condition, you can follow these instructions :

  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces
  • Keep the shoes clean and dry after every usage
  • Keep the shoes away from direct light and and store in a room temperature
  • Prevent from over heat and moisture condition
  • Store the shoes on the cabinet or keep it on the dust bag to prevent from dirt and dust.