Bride Slippers ; something we never knew we need it.

We launched our very first bride slippers on last Sept 3rd 2017. 
Why bride slippers ? What for ?

Something we occasionally create beside fashion / bride shoes,
we invented a simple bride slippers instead.

This just popped up in our mind last Aug 2017, 
western and modern wedding ceremony take a 'bride morning preparation' more serious these days.
Bride robe (a simple dress bride wears before dressed up in wedding gown) has became 
'a must wear' in the morning preparation, photographers & videographers even make this preparation more exciting..

What we were thinking of was a pair that matches your bride robe while you are doing a 'morning preparation photoshoot, 
it got to be simple, not  a replacement / substitute of your bridal shoes, but this pair is something you need wether your feet
are tired, something you wear inside wedding car, something you wear in your preparation room, make up room, 
something you never knew you need it.

It comes with beautiful white hard box and a personal wishes from us here in Sachlirene Bridal Division.
curious to take a look ? Here's the link :